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About Topics and Reply's (Sticky, Permanent)

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About Topics and Reply's (Sticky, Permanent)

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:53 pm

One thing I have seen here and in other forums is that people don't understand how to manage topics and reply's and this is common and it's not a big deal cause we were all new at one time. Here is how it works.

Each week is a TOPIC. When a staff member needs to change something for any reason please use the "POST REPLY" button within that same week for it to be properly placed.

Lets say you needed to post out of or change a shift in a given week. then you go to that TOPIC which would be the week you need to make changes and you post a REPLY to that topic.

Posting a response as a new topic only makes it harder to manage because we as managers have to go from topic to topic instead of having things on the same page where its a simple matter of copy and paste.

So if you are reading a topic, and you need to respond to it, just use the reply button, that keeps everything associated with that topic or in the case of a schedule issue--within that topic/week. When that week is over, it and all the reply's can be deleted or archived together.

Also, if you are posting multiple shift changes once again please confine the dates in your REPLY to the week /topic they belong in.

This makes it a lot easier to find for everyone including those that may want to volunteer to fill your set.

Thanks Very Happy

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